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Darrell Michael

 I opened this Darrell Michael/HairMenati platform in order to provide you a way to order amazing raw virgin hair, to showcase my work and services I offer  to my faithful customers. With Darrell Michael, excellence and professionalism is the name of the game. I provide only the best when it comes to styling your hair and providing you with great hair as well. Book an appointment to get your hair looking great and healthy today.

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My name is Darrell Michael, I am a Upstate Master Stylist and Certified Hair Loss Specialist . I have always had a interest in doing hair.  One day I decided to go to hair school and it was the best choice I could have made. Hair school was when I had the realization, it was more then just an interest with hair, but that I actually loved everything to do with the art of hair. Doing hair is more then a job for me it’s my career and my passion. Hair provides me a way to connect with people, make people feel good about themselves and give them beautiful healthy hair while doing so. I love what I do and enjoy educating my clients on healthy hair routines and schedules. I am an amazing and creative hairstylist on the rise, grinding for my success. Over the years I have taken educational classes from different master hairstylists and have received numerous certificates of completion. I plan to travel the world so I can share my talents worldwide. The quotes I live by are:

“Why Be The Next AnyBody,When I Can Be The First Me”,
“I Don’t Play Around Hair”

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