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Can You Use An Asthma Inhaler If You Have Covid

No matter what signs of asthma you are experiencing, make sure that you get them checked out. Not all wheezing is a sign of asthma and many of these symptoms can occur with other conditions. It is important to get all of your symptoms evaluated, whether you think you have an explanation for them or not. Children aged 5 years and older can use beclometasone inhalers for asthma. Adults can use beclometasone inhalers for asthma or COPD.

Beclometasone is not suitable for some people. To make sure it's safe for you, tell your doctor if you: have had an allergic reaction to beclometasone or any other medicines in the past But it's safer to use your rescue inhaler than wait to see if you improve. If your provider determines you have asthma and rules out seasonal allergies as a. flu, or COVID-19) can trigger or worsen asthma. An estimated 50% of acute asthma attacks have a viral trigger. This type can also be a stand-alone or add-on diagnosis.

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